Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our BIG Garden

Ok, so lets have a refresher on what has been happening in the garden. The hard workers (HW = Steve, Rob, Carolyn and Sarah) successfully planted the garden and are now harvesting numerous bags full of wonderful, heirloom veggies.

If you remember, the Queen Garden Guard (QGG) has been halfheartedly devising plans to eliminate the pesky rabbits. First there was the attempt to scare them away by yelling at them while reclining in her front porch swing, sipping lemonade, avoiding the sun (and work) at all cost. When that approach failed she posted the "Rabbits Keep Out" signs, remember those? Well come to find out our rabbits don't read English. Next came the frog riding his bicycle. Can I tell you that many nights I see the rabbits munching on greens appearing to be in deep conversation with Mr. Frog. I honestly believe they are best of friends while our friendship with QGG is waning quickly.

Then came the foil pie plates. While they are a valid deterent according to some gardners because QGG thought they looked "tacky" she discreetly attached them to the fence whereby she nor the rabbits would be bristled by there appearance.

Not questioning the perilous work QGG had undertaken, we HW are now taking matters into our own hands. See pix below.

Yes we are installing a new, 20 gauge, galvanized, 1 inch mesh, menacing fence. Are you reading this QGG??? Where are you now, somewhere in the south of France in a mountaintop villa? Perhaps you will see this in person should you ever return home. By the way, I think your days are numbered.

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  1. The Queen always expects her subjects to do the work. The job of the Queen is to smile approvingly, bestow support, and acknowledge the work the peasants do! All is well in the kingdom!!