Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 5 and Dime - 1940's

1940's style Farming!

As part of the war effort during WWII, the government rationed a great many foods.
Because of transportation and labor shortages getting fruits and vegetables to market became impossible. To address this problem the government called on the citizens of this country to plant "Victory Gardens". This meant they would supply their own produce and consequently make their rations go further.

Gardens were planted everywhere; backyards, empty lots and even roof tops. Neighbors worked together, pooling money and resources and formed cooperatives in the name of patriotism.

It has been estimated that more than 20 million victory gardens were planted. In 1943 there was an estimate of 315,000 pressure cookers sold compared to 66,000 in 1942. (C. Reinhard, the Ganzel Group)

At the end of the war came the end of the government promotion of victory gardens but it was during this time of need when the Keezletown Community Cannery (KCC) began. In 1942 it started in the basement of the Keezletown School and like many other public canneries during that era, was supported partially by the school system.

KCC is one of a handful of non-profit, can your own, facilities in Virginia. Due to budget cuts Rockingham County no longer supports the cannery. The Horizons Learning Foundation is fervently working to continue the operation of one of the oldest canneries in the U.S.

Please help support this endeavor because our community would sorely miss such a valuable piece of history. Also check out my next 5 and Dime to read about our
latest adventure at the cannery, hopefully you will glean a bit of understanding as to the importance of this historical place.

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  1. Kay (and sisters!) - thanks so much for your support of the Cannery and your wonderful sharing of your experiences there. I just read this and your blog about the big tomato canning day and they are wonderful tributes and shout outs to the Cannery. I hope others will read and want to come visit/use the Cannery. - Mary Chris