Monday, October 11, 2010

The 5 and Dime - Can you identify these guys?

While working "Kenny Duty" this little fella came running out from under a bush when the
lawn mower blew cut grass in his face. An adolescent I would guess as he did much more running on the ground than flying.

To my (untrained) eye I thought he looked lost and was perhaps trying to find his way to the beach not the Appalachian Region. Can you identify this guy for me please?
I could also use some help to identify this guy. He was also found around Clifton Forge, Va.


  1. YES HYnM, I can tell you what they are - the first pic is of a bird, and the second one is of a moth!!!! ;) I know, I'm sooooo clever!!

  2. Oh HYnM, those folks from out west think they are so smart!!

  3. Gosh, Syd, if I didn't know better, i'd think it was a Bittern! But I'm sure it is not as it lacks the black on the face....gotta think it over some more!

  4. I believe we, Mom & I, have solved the mystery! I do believe that the bird is a Virginia Rail. He is in his winter grounds. How cool!! I do not think I have ever seen one before! I asked Edward to be sure though. Where in the yard did you flush him out? I wish I had seen him! Perhaps I will!!!

  5. First let me thank my one sista for her profound observation - she was indeed helpful.he,he

    The little fella came running out from under the small conifer located on the northeast side of the garage, by the gazing ball. He then ran into the garage and out the side door. Later he attempted to fly up to the butterfly bushes where I lost him. I hope Edward can confirm your thoughts - that would be cool. Perhaps you and Kenny should win a prize.