Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our BIG Garden - Tear Down

The time has arrived to begin disassembling the garden in preparation for Winter. This is rather a bittersweet time as it signals the end of the growing season; the last of longer, lighter days and the finish of backyard BBQ's.

For some folks the advent of Fall and Winter is very bleak and discomforting. Many become despondent and even inconsolable but those are feelings I cannot fathom. The brilliant azure sky, flame colored leaves and white billowy clouds make for a stunning picture alone. Now couple that with the clear, crisp air and cooler temperatures and it becomes evident that my spirit has lifted to heavenly heights.

The aromas wafting from a soup pot warming on the stove and the sight of a crackling wood fire lit in a cozy room elicits a comforting joy not found during the humid, summer months. At long last it is acceptable to shut your door at 5pm when darkness arrives. Essentially it is now permissible to relax by the fire and enjoy a great book or sip wine with friends. We can now indulge ourselves in life's sweetest, greatest pleasures.

My excitement is elevated during this time of year to overflowing and I pine to console others with my appetite for the season. As I have repeated numerous times in the past, the four seasons we experience is truly a gift. About the time the chill of Winter is all you can tolerate, a glance in the dormant garden will show some plants waking up under the cover of mulch, looking out as if to be inquiring whether it is safe to come out yet. And then before you realize it - Spring has sprung!!