Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 5 and Dime - PG 35?

What I am about to show you is truly a scary sight and one that no young person should ever have to think about at their tender age, much less witness visually. It is for this reason I have rated it as questionably appropriate for folks 35 and older.

The title is "Yoga with the Halt and the Lame". Halt is a 57 year old loony and Lame is an 85 year old woman who made Halt loony. See pix below -

(Man, I am not sure it gets any worse than this?????)

It has been difficult at best attempting to come up with ideas to keep Lame busy and active while Halt tries to maintain her sanity now that her daily routines are gone.. Halt has especially missed her varied exercise routines so to ease the loss she decided to practice her yoga.

(I wonder who is the trainer and who is Lame?)

Most of you know that Lame hates being alone so she decided to join in on the "fun". When you can't beat them you might as well join them. Now Halt and Lame plan their days around their 2 o'clock yoga class. All phones are turned off and no visitors are welcomed. (Of course no one ever goes out that far to see them but should they try they would not be received during class time.) The class period is 45 minutes so be warned - should you go to visit! Following this piece a few more pictures have been added for your viewing.

Breathing deep we only pray we won't get dizzy and fall over. OOOPS, that prayer wasn't answered.

That is downward facing dog in case you couldn't tell. Now the next move is to get up off the floor all by yourself. CLASS IS OVER, see ya around Lame!!!


  1. Woe Girl, I don't think "looney" describes your current condition! Tevie, Jim and I wonder if this post is rated for public view?

  2. What the what.....Dave Briggman?

  3. I second Herr Briggman's concerns.

  4. Hmmm....I wonder, who is loonier, the loon or the one who follows???? And double I really wanna risk my sanity (?) coming to visit you two?????