Thursday, July 21, 2011

The 5 and DIME - The Basement @ TAF

First let me explain that "TAF" stands for Tag Along Farm which is what Kenny and Carl named their farm in Clifton Forge.

In June we had another farm summit where we all worked our fingers and backs to the bone. We accomplished unbelieveable amounts of work even during those very oppressively hot, humid days. This is the time when the phrase "Many hands make light work" is truly seen in full force and by the end of each day my sisters, our husbands and children all came in totally exhausted and filthy dirty but completely satisfied and fulfilled by the accomplishments of all.

During one of the shifts while 2 of my sisters were doing work detail at the farm they tackled the basement in the house. Now I am here to tell you NO ONE likes to go down there, it is a spooky, moldy, loathsome hole in the ground so this was quite
nervy of those girls to go by themselves. They stayed hard at the job for the entire day wondering if it was too big for them but sister Chipley persevered all the while dragging Mitzy back down to help her.

They did the most amazing job and when I arrived and had to go to the basement to put salt in the softener I was shocked at what they had accomplished. I was also grateful because now it is much less scarey for me to go down there. Now don't get me wrong, I still don't treasure the thoughts of spending much time there but I can go now without as much trepidation.

After all the work was completed and Chipley returned back home to CO she sent me this poem she had written in a matter of minutes as she was thinking back on her visit to the farm. I thought it was so cleaver and funny, I wanted to share it with you. (FYI - Syd is my nickname.)

The Basement @ TAF

Yes, 'tis truth, shant be denied
She is the bravest, never horrified.

Spiders, centipedes, and mold she braves,
Be bold, be strong, is what she craves.

Into the dank, dark, dungeony place,
She bravely walks with a courageous face.

Leaving there quaking in her shadow above,
Her three sissy sisters who she truly loves.

And because they are sissy, and never dare,
To step in that place that raises their hair.

She shows how she orders all bugs, "Get the hid!"
While the three sissy sisters yell, "GO GET 'EM SYD!"


  1. Whoopie - can I actually get a post on??? Great article Syd. You sure have some good sisters!!!
    But there is a typo, I am sure from the author of the poem. It should read, "get THEE hid!" Mudder wouldn't like that - muhahahahah. I'm sorry.

  2. This is my third attempt at posting a comment! You sure do have sissy sisters! hahaha! And Chipley really must be thanked, for I tried my best to get OUT of that scary job!!! We conquered a Goliath that day!