Friday, July 15, 2011

OUR BIG GAREN - organic or agent orange???

I have nearly given up the cause for organic grown veggies. I have a myriad of reasons why I am making such a statment but let me leave it to say at the moment I am dealing only with squash bugs.

My sisters and I have managed to grow a beautiful garden while on our TOD (Tour of Duty) where we each live independently, for 10 days caring for our mother. We have been feasting on lettuces, kale, peas,cukes, swiss chard, beets and green beans but rarely have we savored the taste of summer squash. This is entirely due to something called a squash bug.

We have managed to grow some of the most gorgeous, picturesque squash plants to be found in Alleghany County I believe however these pests are ruining our once thriving plants. Our constitution of "au Naturel" is failing FAST!!!

We women profess and promote organic, natural childbirth. We love our mushroom friends and agree that a shower and hair washing once a week is extravagant to say the least. We raise and eat free range chicken eggs, use only whole grains in our breads; no white, unbleached flour to be found in our homes and we love falafel, humus and only an occasional McDonald's hamburger. But I am here to tell you I am a proponent of agent orange (whatever that is - but I think it is "real" poison).

Our "natural" friends profess "Organscide" and even Dawn detergent to prevent the pests from total ruination of the garden. They even say a board or newspaper laid down to catch the hungry varmites will work but that was a negative.

Please look at the pixs below to see how successful (?) we were with our organic cures.

In the golden ages this was called fornication and from that many children (squash babies) were born. Of course in our family twins are prevalent so it could be construed as squash babies. (See pix to far right)

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  1. Better hang up squash for this summer!!!