Friday, April 16, 2010

< 6 degrees

Prior to the Middle Ages, in lieu of Jeff, these methods were used: dogsled, balloon, mule, submarine and pigeon.

Meet Jeff Huffman, continuing a long tradition of service to our community in the occupation of mail delivery. When asked what is meaningful about his vocation he states "My customers. They are the only reason I do this job." How many degrees separate you from Jeff?

Jeff is married and the father of three. When time allows he participates in Little League with his son and softball with his daughter. His hobbies are hunting and target practice.

Your community appreciates your friendly nature and diligent work. Thank you Jeff Huffman.


  1. He's my postman also -- great job!

  2. well although he might not yet know it, i believe jeff and i are 2 degrees. mom - jeff - me. is that how that works?

  3. Yes, that is how I know it. Cool don't you think?