Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our BIG Garden

We would like everyone to meet our GG, short for Garden Guard. Her only job thus
far has been to sit in her rocking chair, on her shaded front porch (out of the furious sunrays, biting bugs and dustbowl) and protect the garden from "marauders" whether they be the human or animal kind. BUT the other night while the garden crew was out (doing all the backbreaking work) they discovered that the GG had not done her job. In fact rabbits have been having a feast in our goldmine while the GG was sleeping! When called on the carpet about the lack of diligence given to her position she immediately went to work to correct the problem. See the pix below.

Without a doubt this should remedy the problem!

Perhaps rather than fire her we could train her for another position. Her first opportunity to get dirty.

We guess "dirty" isn't a word she knows.


  1. From a friend of GG:
    "I think I've seen her with a slight smudge on the back of one hand. From shopping, of course . . ."