Thursday, April 29, 2010

< 6 Degrees

Several of her one thousand names are called for as such; Honour to She whose face is lit with a gentle smile, who is without pride, who is the bestower of happiness, who is deeply compassionate . . . In India, people worship Goddesses in hopes of attaining some of their life energies which they personify. One of these Goddesses is Lalita who has a thousand names and who is sought after because of her positive influence.

They do this "job" in the rain or snow, in extreme heat or sub temperatures because they are devoted to the task. They are also committed to others who may be joining them so they show up whether you do or not, starting out in the dark but not finishing until daylight.

MEET Norie Smith. A Construction Inspector for VDOT for 24 years. She exercises everyday
to maintain good health, for the love of it as well as the social aspect. Up at 4:30am you can find her cross training with an emphasis on swimming which is her favorite sport.

MEET Sandy Kreider. An RN at Rockingham Memorial Hospital and has been in the nursing field for 29 years. Her day begins at 4:30am because it starts her day out right. Cross training is her modus operandi with a special liking for biking and racquet ball.

How many degrees separate you from these wonderful women? Thank you girls for being so faithful and meeting us on the streets for our run/walks week after week in the dark of the morning. You make it happen.

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