Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our BIG Garden

The saga continues . . . . .

the rabbits are oblivious to her signs and have thwarted her plans. She believes they can not read so now our Q.G.G. (Queen Garden Guard) has devised a new plan to scare off the marauders. This one involves a frog riding a bicycle! Now you may be asking "What the heck does a frog riding a bike have anything to do it, much less scaring rabbits?" That is a very prudent question but one that I can not answer. Perhaps you should take a look at the picture and see if it clearly explains her thought processes:

. . . . yet again, there is serious doubt stirring among the "real" workers as to the Q.G.G.'s competence in her position. Perhaps you should comment with your thoughts and help her out with reasonable solutions so we can keep her employed. (ie. foil pie plates hanging throughout the garden)

1 comment:

  1. Foil pie plates are sooooo tacky.

    Unfortunately, the writer of this column (who appears to be in cahoots with, and perhaps one of, the "real" workers, and is thus prejudiced) has ignored (and thus misled you, dear readers) the fact that the frog turns in the wind as do the wheels thus providing motion to scare the rabbits off!! This is a well-known deterrent called the "frog on bicycle in motion."