Wednesday, May 5, 2010

< 6 Degrees

What animal only sleeps between 10 minutes to 2 hours a day?
This is a ruminant, quadruped African animal.
When I asked this man this question he was QUICK to respond with the correct answer, the giraffe.

MEET Mack Orebaugh. He graduated from JMU with an MS in Education in 1973. He doesn't admit whether his birthplace is West Va. or Va. but we all know that if he lived in Arizona they would have checked his papers by now. Partially named after Connie Mack, one time owner of the Philadelphia A's, his sister carries the name Connie while Mack claims the latter. In his earlier years he coached at McLean High School where he coached Connie Mack's great-great grandson, named none other than, Connie

A highlight of Mack's (not to be confused with Connie Mack) career was when he ran a baseball program in Newfoundland between 1983-1993. Mack currently works at the RMH Wellness Center and can be found sharply at 5:15am greeting us with a hearty "Good Morning" during the week.

Interested in everyone, he engages in conversation learning about others as well as sharing trivia in hopes to expand our knowledge. When asked what he enjoyed most about his job he responded, "The knowledge I gain each morning from others, getting away from my mom and watching Stormi walk by every morning at 8:15."

How many degrees separate you from this man? Thank you Mack for brightening up our mornings at the gym, for your wonderful sense of humor and most especially for making each of us feel important. I have one more question for you before I end however, how many stomachs does a cow have? I will bet you Mack knows!


  1. who is connie mack?
    and mr. mack i have a trivia question for you- what does "sitzpinkel" refer to? (no googling, thatd be cheating!)

  2. That is an inappropriate trivia question little girl!!