Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Winston Churchill, adored cats. Churchill used to refer to his cat, Jock, as his special assistant because Jock attended many war-time Cabinet meetings along side Churchill. It is even believed that Jock was on the bed with his master on the day the great British statesman died.

MEET James Guest, born in London and educated as a General Contractor. In 1993 he moved to Florida as a temporary stop for an American experience on his way to Asia however he never made it out of the U.S. There he met and married "a wonderful woman" who became his wife, Cara Meixner. How man degrees separate you from James?

In 2007 Cara accepted a job at JMU and began working here however the job situation was not as easy for James. While strolling downtown he noticed a sign in a store front looking for help to renovate the space. He "poked his head in" and offered to assist. There he volunteered his time and knowledge for completing the interior design work and supervising the construction of what is now the new home for Cat's Cradle. With no job possibilities on the horizon he returned to Florida where his contracting business was prospering. For 2 years James and Cara survived a long distance marriage but in January 2010 he wrapped up his business in Florida and decided to move here permanently. Currently James is working on a variety of jobs and is grateful for the work. Most especially he is grateful to be living full time with his wife once again.

James is a skilled contractor, eager to do excellent work at a fair price and in a timely fashion. We wish you the very best here and hope we can help to build your business from your own credentials.

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