Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 5 and Dime - Overview

These past few weeks we have been in a quandary lamenting over a name for our new section of the blog. This section will deal with diverse topics such as knitting, cooking, handling elderly mothers, grocery store specials etc. As you can see we have an enormous amount of obscure thoughts floating in our heads that we are eager to express. We only trust that you are eager to read and react to them.

Our task was to arrive at a name that was short, clever, engaging and one that adequately defined the category. Many names were thrown out such as Peek a Boo, A la Carte, The Ben Franklin Store, Multifariousness and others. Finally today however we both decided on "The 5 and Dime". Do you remember the variety stores known as Ben Franklin or also the 5 and dime? So now we have it and we can begin a weekly posting here. The first one will be about bread making and will be published within the next few days.


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  1. Just stopping in the say HY&M that I like your name - The 5 and Dime!