Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maiden Voyage

In an endeavor to stay current with the changing times we have decided to venture into more social media, via blogging. So today, April 11th 2010 we set out on our maiden voyage. The goal is to provide a sprinkling of information on a plethora of subjects. First and foremost, will be pertinent information on local real estate topics. From there we will discuss joys, new discoveries, as well as challenges facing many of us today.

Our attempt is to open our hearts to you in sharing information in hopes of helping the reader understand the importance of owning a home, types of financing, and building your net worth. In the other arenas we trust that you may glean information that will delight you, put a smile on your face, or just forewarn you of impending life issues. That you may learn from our mistakes and laugh along with us as we all grow to be better people would be wonderful. So let us begin.

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